WWE Released Several of Its Fighters after Refusing Vaccinations

Andrew Zaryan reports that up to four WWE professional fighters were previously released due to a lack of vaccine. Previously, accurate information about Nia Jax’s dismissal was known, but now rumors began to circulate that several more fighters would follow her.
It should be noted that the company has a reason for such a policy. She was hit hard last year by the pandemic and virus outbreaks in the middle of the team. Now the management is trying to prevent a repetition of the situation and intends to vaccinate all the fighters and office workers.

Nevertheless, the option of not vaccinating would explain well the reason for the lack of Jax on the screens lately. According to the official version, she was injured after an unsuccessful elbow strike on a steel ladder. Although the company itself stated that the injury is real, and the athlete will need surgery to recover. Then it was perceived by many as a plot trauma, but now there is reason to believe that everything was a little different.
Now it became clear that the refusal to vaccinate was the main reason for the absence of Jax on the screens.

Source: Wrestlingnews